Colorado might not be as well known for great Turquoise as other areas like Arizona – but don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t have some really great material!

Cripple Creek: this material came direct from the miner of Bad Boy’s mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado – which is just above the Burtis Blue mine. This material is one of the hardest natural UNstabilized turquoise known.  Right out of the ground, it runs greater than 6 on the mohs scale of hardness not treated in any way.  We had a scratch test performed on a sample, and the club geologist could not scratch the turquoise with quartz.   Many, such as our Native Americans, believe in the spirituality of the turquoise stone, and believe that turquoise should not be treated in anyway or it would lose its affects.

Villa Grove: The Villa Grove mine in Colorado is currently covered by a small mountain lake created by runoff and a natural spring, therefore is not being mined anymore. Villa Grove Turquoise has been said to be some of the finest Turquoise to ever come out of American soil.


Cripple Creek / Burtis Blue

Villa Grove Turquoise

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