Russian and Ukrainian Collection

Limited Edition Collection

Rare and Unique Gemstones from Russia and the Ukraine

This limited edition collection includes rare and unique gemstones from Russia and the Ukraine. Many of the products in this collection are limited supply and when they are gone, they are gone.  These are rare and hard to find gemstones that will make you the envy of your lapidary friends and the desire of your customers.  Check out these amazing lapidary slabs before it is too late.


This unique brassy star-like crystal is hard to find, making it a prize among jewelry arts


This popular gemstone has beautiful “ultra-violet” chatoyancy.  It is no longer exported from Russia in rough form, making it more difficult to find quality material.

Eudialyte – Nepheline – Aegerine

Eudialyte is a beautiful burgandy mineral, here mixed with green nepheline and green-black aegerine.  This gorgeous mixture is a rare occurrence, found in Siberia.

Irnimite – Blue Picture Jasper

Irnimite, or blue picture jasper, is found at the junction of the Ir and Nim rivers in Siberia.  This gorgeous “nebula jasper” will make cabs that are the envy of your friends.


Pyrrhotite is mixed with magnetite and aegerine in these lapidary slabs from the Ukraine.  Pyrrhotite is an unusual coppery colored iron sulfide mineral in this norite or “black granite”.


People won’t stop talking when you use this green chatoyant seraphinite in your products.  This very rare mineral from Siberia will be sure to make heads turn.


Sunstone, a type of feldspar, exhibits “labradorescent” irridescence.  This Russian sunstone has a gorgeous sunshine orange color.  

The Russian and Ukrainian collection is available for a limited time.  Quantities of some products are limited, when they’re gone, they’re gone.  So don’t wait – order yours today.


**Wholesale prices apply only to orders over $300.