Angelite Lapidary Slab

Angelite is a type of blue anhydrite. Anhydrite is dehydrated gypsum. Similarly, angelite is dehydrated celestite. The celestite loses its water as it is compressed over millions of years. This gemstone is semi-transparent. Anhydrite, and therefore, angelite, is very soft, a hardness of 2 on Moh’s hardness scale. It is also water soluable. This makes it very easy to carve and shape, but it can make it a little bit of a challenge to make into cabs. For information on how I made a cab from this material, visit my blog at

I have angelite available in slabs and nuggetts.  Slabs are cut thicker than normal due to loss when polishing.

Please enlarge and view the photographs for more detailed views. Shown wet to simulate polish. As with all natural rock, there may be fractures or pits to seal or work around. Each slab has the approximate dimensions listed. I use the longest and widest point and the thinnest, it’s not averaged.

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We have worked hard with the lighting and the settings on the camera so that the colors are very accurate. Individual settings may affect color viewing on various devices and I cannot predict what your device will do, but on my computer, they’re dead on for color. I appreciate your business!

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