About Rubymountain5 Rocks

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my hand picked, jewelry grade slabs knows they are getting quality, one-of-a-kind, jewelry making material, worthy of the most deserving artist.

Rubymountain5 Rocks was started by Richard and Sharon Agan.  They have recently retired, and I, Janet Bertog, have taken over the business.  I am excited to carry on their tradition of providing quality material for lapidary artists.

I am a professional geologist and have been working with rocks and fossils for over 20 years.  In 2016, I started designing jewelry and started my business Clidastes Stones.  Through that business, I grew from making jewelry to cutting and shaping rocks for cabochons.  I also started to dabble in the business of providing rock slabs for others to make their own products.  With the acquisition of Rubymountain5 Rocks, I will be able to continue this passion. 

Now, I can provide artists with quality and rare materials to create their own jewelry and art work.  With time, I will be adding my cabochons to this business, as a compliment to the slabs, for those who wish to purchase the cabochons already made.  Right now, I still have them listed in my Clidastes Stones business.  You can visit my sister page http://clidastesstones.com to see what I have there.  

Quality rock material is critical to artists who make jewelry.  Nice or rare material tends to sell faster, and for considerably more money.  So, the mission of Ruby Mountain5 Rocks is to provide unique, colorful, rare or hard to find cabbing material for the most beautiful jewelry by talented artists.

It is important to any e-commerce business that pictures reflect the actual product.  Great care has been taken to photograph the material and show it as accurately as possible.  Do remember, however, that monitors differ, and color may be slightly different depending on monitor settings.

I hope that I can carry on the work of Richard and Sharon, and become your go-to provider for quality slabs for your lapidary work.