About Rubymountain5 Rocks

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my cherry picked, jewelry grade slabs knows they are getting quality, one-of-a-kind, jewelry making material, worthy of the most deserving artist.

Before I created Rubymountain5 Rocks, I just enjoyed cutting BIG rocks into slabs.

I loved to cut rock to see what amazing things I could find in them.  However, after enjoying several lapidary classes at our local rock club, I found that my talents did not lean toward the actual art of wire wrapping, cabochons, or jewelry making.   I just simply enjoyed slicing big rocks into smaller sizes for others.

Then one day it hit me.   What in the world was I going to do with my great collection of slabs that were waiting to be made into something artistic since it wasn’t going to be me making them into something amazing? 

After thinking about this, I realized that most artists are too busy creating great pieces to have the time, equipment, or maybe even the desire to find the good rough material, cut them into slabs, and hope to find what they need to create their art.

I was concerned that spending loads of money to get really great looking material would make my slabs too expensive. I was concerned that the price point of my slabs, due to the cost of the expensive equipment and materials, might turn off artists.

But then, as I started poking around on the web to see if this would really be a good fit for me AND provide something needed in the art world, I discovered that jewelry made with  really nice material seemed to sell faster, and most of the time, for considerably more money.

So I set out to offer unique, colorful, rare, or hard to find, cabbing material for the most beautiful jewelry by talented artists.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Finding great material in the rough – that’s not the “average, run of the mill, everyone has some”, is harder than you would think.

After a great deal of searching, and spending more than I ever thought I would on boulders that half the time I couldn’t pick up without a lot of groaning, I’ve gotten some pretty great material!

There’s a world of difference in just loving to cut rock and learning how to get great photography that shows it off accurately.  I’ve bought rock before that was great looking in the pictures, but was – how shall I say it – horrible in real life!  So I decided that my husband and I would become obsessive that the pictures matched the material as close to real life as possible.

Through all the struggles with learning photography skills, building a webstore, and finding enough time to put this all together, the response to the product has been amazing.  The customer appreciation and positive feedback I’ve received, has strengthened my commitment to continue bringing quality materials to lapidary artists such as yourself.