The goal of Rubymountain5Rocks is to offer unique, colorful, rare, or hard to find, cabbing material for creative lapidary artists, collectors of beautiful and rare specimens, and those of us who are rockhounds with a passion for collecting pretty rocks.

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Click on orange text below to see what’s available in each category **or use the detailed drop down list on the menu bar above**.

A thru B includes:

Andean Blue Opal, Apache Gold, Biggs Picture Jasper/Blue Biggs, Binghamite / Silkstone, Birds Eye Rhyolite, & Black Plume Agate

C thru D includes:

Charoite, Cherry Creek Jasper, Chinese Writing Stone, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Copper in Quartz, & Dendritic Opal

E thru L includes:

Flowering Tube Onyx, Forest Fire Jasper, Howlite, Indian Paint Stone, Kambaba Jasper, Kingston Conglomerate, & Leopard Skin Jasper

M thru O includes:

Marra Mamba, Mary Ellen Jasper, Maury Mountain Moss Agate, Medicine Bow Agate, Monet Jasper, Montana Moss Agate, Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, Obsidian – Fireworks, Ocean Jasper, & Owyhee Jasper

P thru R includes:

Peanut Wood Jasper, Peruvian Blue Opal, Pietersite, Pinolith, Rainforest Jasper, Rhodonite, Rolling Hills Dolomite, Ruby in Fuchite, & Ruby in Zoisite

S thru Z includes:

Shattuckite – AZ, Shattuckite (Namibia), Silkstone & Binghamite, Sodalite, Sonora Sunrise, TeePee Canyon Agate, Tiffany Stone, Wave Dolomite, Wild Horse Magnesite, & Youngite

Cripple Creek Turquoise / Burtis Blue

Villa Grove Turquoise (and Sleeping Beauty)