Lapidary slabs and lapidary rough for cutting rough make beautiful cabochons and other lapidary products

Ruby Mountain5 Lapidary Slabs

 The goal of Rubymountain5Rocks is to offer unique, colorful, rare, or hard to find, Lapidary Slabs for cabochon material for creative lapidary artists, collectors of beautiful and rare specimens, and those of us who are rockhounds with a passion for collecting pretty rocks.



Click on the menu above to see our selection of beautiful gemstone Lapidary Slabs perfect for your lapidary needs.  Each specimen is picked for its color and pattern to make perfect material for your cabochons or display pieces.  As a geologist, I am familiar with the formation and occurence of these rocks and information on each rock is provided in the description.  Whether you are looking for the beautiful chatoyant minerals like Charoite or Binghamite, the unique picture patterns of Owyhee Picture Jasper, Cherry Creek Jasper and Bigg’s Picture Jasper, or the stunning colors of Rhodonite, Opal and Lepidolite, we have what you are looking for.

Inventory will be continuously added, so check back often.  I am always working to find new, rare and unique specimens for your jewelry, stone decor or display pieces.

Coming soon:  Koroit boulder opal, Utah bacon (lace) opal, jade, and more!

Added August 18:  blue and pink peruvian opal, Honduran black matrix opal, koroit boulder opal, and Utah hyalite bacon opal.

Peruvian blue opal
Honduran black opal
Koroit boulder opal
Utah bacon opal


Recently added:  lepidolite, dinosaur gem bone, fossilized sponge, rainforest jasper and more!

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact me!  As new owner of Ruby Mountain5 Rocks, I have a lot of inventory to get posted still.  I may have what you are looking for.

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Featured Lapidary Slabs



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Tiffany Stone
Rhodonite Lapidary Slab
Biggs Picture Jasper Lapidary Slab
Bigg’s Picture Jasper

Ruby Mountain5 Rocks is based in Loveland, Ohio.  The owner, Janet Bertog, has been a professor of geology and paleontology for 14 years.  She holds a PhD in geology from the University of Cincinnati and a MS in paleontology from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  She makes frequent trips to collect new material and is always on the look out for new, amazing material for cabs.  She also makes cabochons and jewelry herself.

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Finished cabochons and jewelery made from Ruby Mountain5 Lapidary Slabs

Send me pictures of your finished work (and a link to your product if you have one) and I will feature products periodically.

Flowering Tube Onyx Cabochon
Flowering Tube Onyx
Bacon Opal Cabochon
Utah Bacon Opal
Malachite Cabochon
Gardnos Impactite Cabochon
Gardnos Impactite